Saturday 27 May, 2017

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And now, just to show that we are not all business here, relax and enjoy a little humor by viewing the funny videos below. First are the Trunk Monkey videos, a series of eight videos that run sequentially, and each one is hysterical!
VIDEO ONE: The Trunk Monkey

All The Trunk Monkeys - video powered by Metacafe
VIDEO TWO: The Mighty Avalanche Performs Amazing Feats Produced by Larry Hayden and starring his truck. Grin.
VIDEO THREE: 07 Avalanche Commercial I think it was real nice of GM to feature my Avalanche in the new 2007 Avalanche Commercial. Not really but it looks exactly alike.
VIDEO FOUR: Early Avalanche commercial, "Do You Have Change For A Doller?"
VIDEO FIVE: Early Avalanche commercial, "We Must All Change"
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