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Injen! Power-flow Air Intake System for 2007 and 2008 Avalanche


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Injen! Power-flow Air Intake System for 2007 and 2008 Chevy Avalanches 5.3L V8.

Our AAA recommended choice!

Best and highest performing performance Cold Air Intake System on the market.

Our distributor who specializes exclusively in PERFORMANCE after market accessories sells more Injen than any other brand. This tells us that people who know performance and choose this system!

Retail: $460.00
Your Price: Only $407.23

We are listing below the key information given to us by our Injen Distributor; Specializing exclusively in performance accessories. they sell more Injen than any other brand. This tells us that performance-keen buyers choose the Injen.

Our distributor's Comments:

Injen Power-Flow intakes are engineered to perfection for reliability, efficiency, and maximum power. The Powerflow unit is not just an air filter, it is en entire air intake system. There are several reasons why Injen technology Power-Flow Air Filters are the best choice for your vehicle.


  • Air Stabilizer: The Air Stabilizer controls turbulent outside air with a direct pressurized flow into the inverted cone, with assistance of the Air Inducer. The turbulent air is re-directed by the cold air which is pressurized as it moves towards the velocity stack before intering the intake. The mass volume of air is optimized for higher performance, and power output.
  • Velocity Stack: The Velocity Stack is integrated into the air filter which allows the air to be consistent as it travels into the calibrated tube. The Velocity Stack directs the air while also increasing its velocity as it inters into the chamber.
  • Inline Calibration: MR Technology is a very important process newly developed by Injen Technology. The Pressurized mass of air is carefully calculated to achieve the safest and most powerful calibration for your specific vehicle. This generates the best air/fuel calibration, leading to greater efficiency and horsepower gains. The MR technology is the first ever Tuned Intake System!
  • Air Inducer: The Cold Air Inducer was engineered to bring cold air into the Power Flow Box, providing a steady source of cold air-flow. Additional extention is available.

Injen's Comments:

When it comes to unlocking your engine’s explosive energy, timing is everything. Injen’s Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is engineered to deliver a blast of oxygen at the perfect moment for blazing combustion and gut-wrenching power output.

While basic intakes merely force air down an engine’s gullet, the Injen Power-Flow puts your motor on a steady diet of colder, richer oxygen. The process starts with the high-flow air filter's integrated Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer and Velocity Stack. Air is drawn in, smoothed out and pressurized.

From there, the oxygen flows through the Mega Ram-tuned pipe, where it gets released to the mass air flow senor at calculated intervals. Each kit goes through a rigorous dyno-testing process and fine-tuned to unleash ferocious performance across the RPM spectrum. Some vehicles come with a Power Box heat shield if needed.

Your Injen Power-Flow bolts on without any drilling, and it’s 50 state street legal. Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on tube and filter.


  • Equip your vehicle with the Injen Power-Flow—the world’s first cold air intake that’s truly custom-tuned for the drivetrain in your specific year, make and model
  • Injen spent a decade developing their Mega Ram (MR) Technology—a sophisticated tuning process that allows Injen to tweak the diameter and shape of the intake pipe for the greatest horsepower and torque gains
  • Each vehicle goes through a thorough dyno-testing process to ensure maximum performance
  • The first step along the Power-Flow Cold Air Intake’s pathway to power is the high-flow air filter, with its fully integrated Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer and Velocity Stack
  • The Power-Flow Cold Air Intake’s air filter is engineered to pull in more oxygen, strip out turbulence and pressurize it to the ideal level The inline calibration intake of your Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake controls the air speed and releases it through the mass air flow sensor at precisely calculated intervals
  • All of the advanced designs on your Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake deliver fierce acceleration, lighting-fast throttle response and consistent power gains across the entire RPM range
  • Its tuned tube is wrought from aerospace-grade, lightweight, anti-corrosive T-6 aluminum
  • Your Injen Power-Flow Cold Air Intake is CARB pending
  • Simple bolt-on installation that requires no drilling
  • Injen backs your Power-Flow Cold Air Intake's tube and filter with a Lifetime Warranty

    Replacement filter: X-1022

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    • Model: PF7055P

    Brad Lannier
    5 of 5 Stars
    I installed my intake over the weekend, and I have to say that I'm impressed so far. It was easy to install, it looks great, and, best of all, It really works well! I have a Predator to tune my Av, and after installing the Injen, I had to adjust the injector slope +6 (reduce fuel by 6%) due to the upgraded air flow! The power has gone up, and so has my MPG!

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